"Beautiful, bespoke, handmade cakes created especially for you." 


I'm Sarah, Mum of two, wife to an amazing Husband and head designer, baker, and dishwasher here at The Pixie Dust Cake Boutique. 


Like a lot of home bakers I started baking cakes because of my kids. 

When I was little my mum made all of my birthday cakes herself (a skill she learned from my Grandmother who used to do it professionally). She took great pride in every cake she made for me and my brothers and they were a big part of our childhood. Even today I remember a lot of them so clearly.

When I eventually grew up and had children of my own I was very reluctant at first to make their birthday cakes. I'm not exactly known for my cooking skills and I was pretty convinced that any cake I attempted would be a total disaster.


At first I talked mum in to making a few of their early cakes and she would make them beautiful Christening and birthday cakes but every time she did she would try and persuade me to have a go first. Eventually she wore me down and when my second little boy turned one I agreed to have a go and made my first ever birthday cake. 


After that there was no stopping me and I made cakes for anyone who would let me. I quickly grew my confidence and skill and before long friends and family began suggesting that I should make my passion into my profession and so


The Pixie Dust Cake Boutique

was born. Now, four years after that first cake I make bespoke cakes for Birthdays, Christenings, Weddings and any other celebration that calls for cake.

I take great pride in every cake I make and I love designing cakes that make my customers dreams come  true. 

So, whatever the occasion and whatever cake you're dreaming of, get in touch for a free design and quote and let me make you the perfect cake. 

Speak soon! 


Flower Arrangement 5
Flower Arrangement 5

The Pixie Dust Cake Boutique