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5 Things Your Cake Maker Needs To Know

Ordering a bespoke cake from a cake maker can be very exciting, especially when it's for a special occasion, but before your chosen baker can start on that perfect cake there are certain things they need to know and the more information you can give them right from the start the easier the ordering process will be.


1) When you need the cake for?

This may sound obvious but one of the first pieces of information your baker really needs is the exact date you need the cake to be delivered. Even if you think you're ordering months in advance the chances are that a lot of other people have too and dates book up very quickly especially if you are ordering for during wedding season or the run up to Christmas.

2) How many portions do you need to get out of the cake?

The size of cake you'll need will depend almost entirely on how many portions you want to be able to cut out of it. Letting your baker know how many people are expected at the event will allow them to more easily recommend the right size cake to make sure that no one misses out. Portion sizes may vary depending on whether the cake is for a wedding or a party because venues have specific techniques for how they cut the cake to get the right number or portions out of it. If you're cutting the cake yourself either at home or at a party make sure to ask your baker if they can provide a cutting guide that will show you how to get the right number of pieces.

3) Does your event have a specific theme or colour scheme?

Whether it's a wedding, birthday party, christening or another special occasion letting your baker know if you have a particular theme or colour scheme will allow them to come up with a design that compliments the rest of the decor. Feel free top send over any inspiration you've used when planning, mood boards, colour swatches, even links to Pinterest boards if you have them. You could always send over images of cakes you've seen that fit your theme but please don't expect your baker to copy another bakers work exactly we all have different styles and would much rather put our own twist on it.

4) Do you have a budget you need to stick to?

I know money can be an awkward thing to talk about but if you're on a strict budget it really does make things easier if you tell your baker up front. Most bakers can design cakes to fit a wide range of budgets and are more than happy to do everything they can to try and create something that fits within yours. Do bare in mind though that a bespoke cake designed to your specifications is always going to cost more than something you can pick up in a supermarket and rightly so. So while we will do our best to help a two tier cake for £30 just isn't possible.

5) Are there any allergies?

This is almost certainly the most important thing your baker needs to know and they need to know it right from the very first message. Finding a baker that specifically caters fro allergies can make things a little more difficult but, especially in the case of severe allergies, it is definitely worth the extra work. For serious allergies such as peanuts the baker should be registered as peanut free and should always be able to guarantee that their kitchen is entirely nut free. For things like gluten and dairy allergies there is a little more leeway but it depends on the severity of the allergy and is something you should always discuss in depth with the baker before you go a head with any booking. Whether you have allergies to consider or not you should always make sure that your baker provides an allergy information sheet with the final cake upon delivery or collection so that you can give your guests the correct information about the cake should they need it.


So there you go, you are now armed with the 5 things your cake maker needs to know. Start every inquiry to a baker off with as much of this information as possible and I guarantee you'll find the ordering process a breeze!

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